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Teaching Philosophy Statement

Enthusiasm about a subject in a classroom translates directly to the student’s energy and overall desire to learn. As a teacher, I believe one of the most important actions to take is to learn about the unique individuality residing in each student and provide them with a challenging environment where they can achieve goals and maximize their potential. I aim to provide my students with the opportunity to be creative, understand body mechanics to move in the most efficient ways, and discover their personal sense of artistry through performance of high caliber works.

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Dance Educator: About

Bayonne High School 

Dance Program

The Bayonne High School Dance Department is the home to a comprehensive program that allows students to explore many facets of dance in education including performance, technique, choreography, critique, and dance history.  We aim to create an environment where students integrate cross-curricular learning through dance so students are challenged to learn in innovative ways. We serve as an umbrella for many dance opportunities for the community of Bayonne, NJ.
In Bayonne High School, we offer a multitude of ways in which students can pursue courses in dance education. During the school day, students can opt to enroll in Dance I then further progress into Dance II and Dance III/IV. All dance courses enable students to earn art-based credit for graduation. Our after school programs include dance companies for sixth through eighth graders as well as our main company, which consists of students in ninth through twelfth grade.  In all programs, we offer multiple performance and choreographic opportunities throughout the year.

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Dance Educator: About

BHS Young Dancer Program

Saturday community classes, known as the Bayonne High School Young Dancer Program, are geared to provide technique training so students can learn foundational skills in dance. Classes are offered at a reduced rate to dancers in the Bayonne community. We currently have approximately 100 students enrolled in the program and offer classes in Creative Movement, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, and for parents with their toddlers.

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Dance Educator: About

Washington Rock Dance

At Washington Rock Dance, we believe in acknowledging the sincere individuality residing in each and every student of dance. We foster the unique development of our students by providing an opportunity to be creative, understand the field of body mechanics, and discover their personal sense of artistry through the performance of high caliber works. Our developmentally focused training is dedicated to locating a student’s maximum potential while experiencing a smart, inspirational, and fun environment.

Dance Educator: About

Student Clips


International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP) Summer Refugee Youth Academy 2012

Wide-Eyed Interview

Senior choreographers at Bayonne High School explain their work in a post-show interview.

Dance Educator: Video Clips
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